My dream full-frame camera.

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So why not go back to film?

robin t wrote:

Basically like an old nikon or nikkormat with a sensor in it.

No screen of any kind - you can't see the image till you get home and upload it.

So keep the LCD turned off.  There will never, ever, be a digital camera produced w/o a screen.  If that's what you truly want, you'll need to produce it yourself or paint over it with permanent black paint.

Indicator in the viewfinder for light meter.
Manual shutter wind.

Not sure I understand this one.  There's nothing to wind.

Full manual controls, and works with legacy manual lenses.
Full frame sensor.

Hopefully this would allow for much better battery life than the new full frame cameras, as well as a much smaller form factor.

I guess this comes from looking at all my old prints and pining for the days of film SLRs. While I wouldn't want to have to process film anymore, I don't understand why, in 2014, you can buy a full-frame digital camera for anywhere near the price I bought my already 20 year old nikkormat ft2 for in 1994.

The astonishing thing is that old film cameras, despite having a relatively massive roll of film in them, win out in almost every comparison that matters to me.

1974 Nikkormat FT2 vs 2014 Nikon D610

Weight: FT2 wins
Battery Life: FT2 slaughters
Image quality: equal
Indestructibility: FT2 by miles
Price: FT2
Quality glass at a reasonable price: FT2
Fun to use: FT2 in a landslide

So why can't we get back to this? A camera with nothing other than light meter, lens, optical viewfinder, and battery indicator. Get home, stick the SD card in your computer and see what you got.

Tell me why I'm wrong and I'll cave in and buy that new Nikon. . .

Sounds like what you really want is to go back to a film body.  They're very cheap now, you should be able to pick up a top quality body for very little.  I've no interest in the least, but would never begrudge someone else for using whatever they want.


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