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Why take the risk to buy non-brands?

goloby wrote:


I'm looking to buy a spare battery for my xe1. Amazon has 2 brands that have good reviews and cost 1/4 of a Fuji battery. Anyone here using Maxsima or ex-pro batteries? Or any other brand that you are pleased with.



Hi Sorin,

not sure why you seem to think it is worth to take the risk of using non-Fuji batteries?

Here's how I reason about this:

- your investment in the X-E1 and lenses is most certainly over $1'000 (body only is $800).  If your 3rd-party battery blew up (we all know that Li-ion technology is still not as perfect as everyone would like) then the Fuji warranty wouldn't cover anything.

- the Fuji battery for the X-E1 is around $55.  So even if the 3rd-party battery is just 1/4th of this i.e. around $14, you'll be saving only $41.  If you buy two, you'll be saving $82.  And to "save" the $82 you'll be taking a risk that you are with a less safe battery, and more importantly you'll be taking the risk that if anything happens then your warranty will not cover anything.  In other words you seem ready to take a risk on a precious piece of equipment, to make a "saving" of around 5% of the value of that equipment.  Doesn't seem very logical to me.

- and this is even before I start with the value (emotional and potentially commercial) of the photographs taken with that camera, and which might also get lost should a 3-rd party battery blow-up.

But perhaps your logic is different - if so I'd be happy to hear it!

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