Panasonic GF3 and 100-300 lens in St. Petersburg

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Re: Panasonic GF3 and 100-300 lens in St. Petersburg

I too am a big fan of architecture and details of buildings. In this series of pictures you've been thrilled to use your new lens, and I can relate to that too. But St Petersburg is a difficult city to capture if you are too far from your subjects. The wires do indeed get in the way (as they do in many Indian cities, too), and you then have to decide how to build them into the image - when your eye completely ignores them in the first place! So it's not easy.
I see you have the 45mm too. I find this lens a real delight in capturing architectural details, both at 45mm and at double the fl, by using ETC. You get much closer to the subject, so the wires etc vanish. The subject is usually able to reflect more light back to the camera, or at least you are able to expose for it more particularly. When you have dull light as we have in the north until summer, and we have in polluted cities everywhere, you need all you can get. OK, you don't get the skyline, but maybe it's better to plan to shoot skylines at dawn or dusk anyway.

I wonder how these images would look in black and white, with much more or maybe much less contrast?
Keep shooting!

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