Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Re: Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

aut0maticdan wrote:

I think certainly not for the D5. There wouldn't be a lot to gain. I think the primary driving force for going mirrorless is to reduce size which is not a major concern for the flagship SLRs.

They could get similar performance without removing the mirror. The mirror doesn't necessarily need to operate faster than 11fps to go beyond that. Nikon could just have a burst mode where the mirror stays up.

Besides, going beyond 11fps is probably a lot less important for potential D5 buyers than insanely good PDAF. Mirrorless may be approaching the d70 level of PDAF at this point.

i like the sony a7 even more because of the full frame sensor and top notch image quality, the image quality of the A7 will beat all

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