D800 with classic lens

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Re: D800 with classic lens

I agree , the images from the 35-70 2.8 have a different "look" I found that on pretty normal settings the images were noticeably cooler than others taken with more modern glass , I assume its the different lens coating, but I found just about all my images were more "blue"/ that said it was a lovely lens to use and sharp .

I had the 24-70 2.8 for a while ,bought it at the same time as my D800, but although super sharp midrange 35-60ish I found it decidedly ordinary below about 30mm and quite poor at 24 with some weird distortion. and also poor at 70mm, I borrowed a "mint" 28-70 2.8 from a friend and although even hevier and bigger(fatter) than the 24-70 I really liked it , not quite as sharp ,but more consistent at the extremes and really good at 70mm , some naughty flare, but overall better consistency throughout the whole range . when my friend announced he was selling the 28-70 I bought it and sold the 24-70 with no regrets. of course others will have a different oppinion, we are all different, and thats ok, but I reccomend you find a way to handle, maybe even trial the 28-70 first , it is a bit of a beast and you may not agree with the assesments .

others have mentioned other much lighter options, they are well worth concidering.

take your time , and good luck.

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