I want a wide lens for landscape + city/architecture

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Re: I want a wide lens for landscape + city/architecture

If you want a subject then pick a 30mm+, but if you want to suck everything in and give someone brain freeze without a main subject then 28mm or less.  This is just my perspective on how I shoot and not a be all statement.

I think you should just trash the whole variable zoom feelings.  If you are serious about landscape and architect then you should use any variable wide zoom to test what you like.  If you're already established as that specialized photographer then you wouldn't be asking these questions.  So to really find out what you love I would go with any of the zooms mentioned or carry multiple primes.

Me? I just am not a big fan of zooms with a few exceptions.  I believe the only zoom I now own is the old 35-100 f2 and kit lenses.  After you figure it out then I guess your path would be self-explanatory.

I also have a collection of junk too because I like to involve myself in many things.  And since I know I am not a fan of zooms I didn't get a wide zoom one yet; however, if I find that I shoot landscape less then I might get a zoom and not purchase so many primes.  This way if I don't do it often I am also not technically wasting money with another crazy collection.


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