Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

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dave gaines
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2 examples & R1C1 macro twin flash

That's a very nice shot Andrew. Wow, you nailed it. Animal interactions are the best. They show so much about the species.

You can see in your photo how short DOF was at f/11. Even the clothes line is oof. Not a problem for your image. Everything that matters is in focus. But that's why I often shoot at f/22.

Hanging clothes to dry is a good thing. It saves energy and that's good for the planet.

I tried to cover what was hard or impossible to figure out about the R1C1 by reading on line, like the fact that you need the gel filter holder to attach the diffuser/reflector to the SB-R200. The kit is a better deal than buying the units seperatley, even used from KEH or B&H. I actually bought the SR-800 Command Unit after recieving the R1 kit without it. Once I realized how hard it is to adjust flash output in the camera menu I found a used Command unit from KEH. This is not a problem for your collection project since once you find correct exposure it probably won't change.

Gee, I read how long you think this project will take. This is huge! Yes, you want to get it right in-camera, not by post proccessing every shot.

Can you sell the catalog to the museum that accepts the collection? They would have to do the  same thing using staff hours and not get the same results, unless they're very good at it. Who will retain rights to the images? Who are you shooting these for and how will they use it? Can you give them limited use so that only you can resell them to others? If it's being used to market the collection you could put them up on a gallery website that preventss right click and doesn't allow copying links, like SmugMug. Anyone could view them but you would retain control, copyright and all sales rights. Just a thought. It sounds like you're doing this gratis work for family members because it is a labor of love.

2 more images: This was created last summer using an Olympus E-5, 4/3 format, with a 35-100 mm f/2 SHG lens and an EX-25, 25 mm extension tube at 100 mm (200 mm EFL). Focus was fixed with this combo so moving in and out was the only way to focus. Available sunlight at f/10 and 1/160 sec on 4/3 format, which has more DOF than FF.

Soaking up the nectar

Carpenter bees, like bumble bees, can't fly. It's physically impossible. On Mount Lukens in So Cal. There are lots of  dead pine trees from the Station Fire of August, 2009. This carpenter bee is probably building a nest in the dead wood of those sugar pine trees. Macro near 2:1. 100 mm equivalent with a ring flash, ISO 100, f/11, 1/100 sec. with E-5 and 50 mm f/2 lens.

Carpenter Bee

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