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That's quite a big difference although had you posted just the tone-mapper alone, it wouldn't really look all that noticeable although now that I think of it.. Most stealth vehicles probably only shine like that when wet.... But I still don't think I'd have thought it looked HDR-ish or tone-mapped if it was posted alone...

I normally ain't too fond of HDR if it looks obviously so but in this case it works very well regardless.. The heavier metallic look & more pronounced shadows on the floor, combined with the more emphasized tiger-stripe-ish, almost camo-effect of the shadows on the fuselage just works to give it more of a military &/or industrial vibe..

I haven't changed my DTWP (a landscape that I stole from here ) in prolly more than a year & this just might be the next one, if it doesn't lose too much in 16:10 but it's gonna be tight... I just may have to put up with it as-is...

I guess now I'll have to go and see what you were up against... I don't think I've ever made the top half of the dozen or so Challenges I entered regardless if it was with my Fz30, 50, Lx3 or my c8080wz...


PS (edit):

I think it may actually lose nothin'  @ 16:10... Took it all off the bottom & it makes a great DTWP on this soon to be retired XP DT... Now hopefully I can figure out how to plant it on my new puter DT... I know little about Win7 & these matters..

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