Inconsistent aperture rings

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There is no special mechanism at my two Nikon lenses, just a green mark for wide and a yellow one for tele end. Very easy to use!

The new Nikon G lenses don't have aperture rings and I haven't seen anybody complaining about that. The older lenses had aperture rings, but they were pretty useless as you have to set it to auto position when using modern cameras, otherwise the camera would not operate. But even in the manual mode you have only two marks for the wide and the long end and have no idea what aperture is for anything in between. So it was all useless and Nikon got rid of the aperture ring altogether.

It may be possible that you haven't used a Nikon digital camera before. It may be possible that you have but got lost in the maze of menus. I have. I only use Ai/S lenses for my Nikon cameras and every one works perfectly. AFD lenses, too, work jsut fine, in both A or manual aperture. You merely have to set the camera to ignore the camera-side aperture dial and use the ring. If the lens itself doesn't have any electronic connection, you just mount it and fire away.

Some cheaper Nikon cameras lack metering capabilities, but most work the exact same way as the Fujifilms do: focus wide open, meter set on the aperture dial, and close down for exposure. The difference of course is that they are coupled and mechanical. You can free lens stopped down or wide open, use the lenses on tubes and extension rings, and do heaps of stuff to your heart's content.

The aperture ring does allow more spots for ingress of water and other foreign elements. That is probably the number one reason Nikon dropped the aperture ring. Well, that and people probably were not using rings much with the dials on the bodies. Also, real mechanical aperture rings cost a bit of money and have to be very accurate. The electronic uncoupled system Fujifilm uses saves weight and is much much less expensive to produce than the Nikon system.

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