Jobu Jnr or Jobu PRO2 Gimbal for 80-400mmG on D800 ?

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Re: Jobu Jnr or Jobu PRO2 Gimbal for 80-400mmG on D800 ?


Thanks for your feedback & advice.

If I were to only buy one item then it would be the gimbal as , as has been mentioned, there's nothing wrong with my 055 tripod ( also have the 075 geared tripod ) just that it, together with my old solid 029 3-way head, is heavy to carry so I was considering the carbon gitzo 5 series.

With the feedback on the Pro-2 being rather bulky for the 80-400mm then I may consider the Jobu MKIII Gimbal which they also have.

Another way that I'm trying to prevent camera shake is by not pressing the shutter manually but rather by using either the cable-shutter or a remote shutter ( use the Phottix Stratos II ) which is excellent, Many of my shots using the 80-400mm were not sharp and others pointed out that it looks like a bit of camera shake. I then realised that it was myself pressing the shutter release and so decided to start using the cable-release which I now do.

The PRO-2 gimbal head should be arriving at the dealer this aftenoon from from his Cape Town office . I'll decide on which gimbal to take and whether to go for the 5542ls.



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