My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: My dream camera...

Doss wrote:

Digital has brought us one MASSIVE advantage: Variable ISO. This is the single most amazing revolution in camera evolution and the one thing I could not sacrifice - hence the reason I do actually enjoy modern cameras with all their fiddly buttons and (personally) unnecessary gizmos!

Howver, there are a good deal of photographers who do want a return of some of the things we've actually lost as technology has 'advanced'. And, there is no reason these things can't be re-incorporated.

So, hopefully I can take a turn to 'fantasize' about my ideal FF and others can bring me back to reality with factsas to why this can't be done .......

1) A Large bright viewfinder. THE single most important feature on a camera as it is the part which your brain engages with to create the shot. No viewfinder has been made since the advent of digital which could compare to those on older manual focus models. A LBV = easier composition, less eye-strain, easier to see if focus is hit (without the backfocusing you suffer now, Jack Hass - and without the lens hunting, or without Aaron's needle-threading syndrome). I know of so many photographers who long for easy accurate manual focus that I'd bet the first FF to incorporate this will sell like hotcakes.

2) Removable/Interchangable viewfinder. This was a great feature of cameras like the Nikon F, great for macro-work, overhead or hip shooting.

3) Only 2 dials on the camera: 1 to control Shutter speed, the other to control ISO. Anything else is a distraction. The other two dials, aperture and focus, staying on the lens - This design is perfect for fast, intuitive control , firm grip and always being ready to hit the release. Simply put, it fits with the old adage: 'The best camera is the one which doesn't get in the way of taking photos'. Again - there's a large market for photographers who just want something simple that does the job. Call it a point & shoot if you will

4) Lightweight & portable AND solid as a brick.

5) Changeable backs: so I can keep hold of a perfectly working camera, and the tool I'm accustomed to, when they improve sensor technology. Perhaps we'd also have the options of a selection of VR sensors, specialist high ISO sensors, or high MP low ISO one's.
Alas, the marketing people have us over a barrel on this one ('s called planned obsolescence )

Doss I like your style. I think we're on the same page with this one, and I've elucidated a bit in a few other responses just now. I agree with all you say, but I have to add, that one of things that's really important is full physical feedback from the controls. All that requires is full stops at the end of the range with the focus ring, aperture ring, and shutterspeed. Nothing bothers me more than the infinity rings on almost every camera in existence now. Why do have to put the camera to my eye or look at the screen to see what the aperture or shutterspeed is? Why can't my relationship with my camera be more direct. I want to take pictures without thinking about it. That's what photography with the ol' FT2 was like, and that's all I'm asking for.

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