D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: How would you tell the difference Allan?

JimPearce wrote:

The choice of D9x000 designation suggests the possibility of a fresh approach merging some of the strengths of the Dx00 line and D7x000 line. I certainly don't care if it's a carbon fiber reinforced plastic body if that is the appropriate way to get the optimal combination of strength and weight. On the other hand, I would really like to see a CF slot, AF-On button and a 10 pin connector (in that order of priority). But 8 fps, a decent raw buffer and great autofocus is what we wildlife shooters absolutely need from Nikon at this point. Do you see it differently?

That would be pretty much ballpark. I would guess that it would *at least match the Pentax K3*, which does 8.3fps and large buffer for 50-60 frames continuous shooting. It would have an AF based on that in the D4S and D800S, with crop mode as in D7100 and D800-level metering. I hope it would have a seperate motor for the aperture so that the aperture can be adjusted in LiveView currently not possible in the DX range but is possible in the FX Pro cameras, for improved control in video work, which just might be 4K capable (why does anyone need 4K?). As it slots in above the D7100 it would have features that the D7100 doesn't have so an AF-On button would be a possibility. Given that UHS-II SD cards are available now I would guess that they will go that way rather than CF. Could they fit two CF cards or one CF and one SD?

I really don't think we need more pixels - 24MP is plenty, but, it would be an all new sensor which, in conjunction with EXPEED 4, would have improved noise performance and dynamic range. Less than 24MP would mean less usefullness with the crop mode as in D7100 which gives 15.4MP.

But more attention to lenses is needed. With Sigma coming out with some awesome lenses for DX and FX recently Nikon need to revamp their DX lens range. There is a rumour of a Nikon equivalent of the Sigma 18-35 f1.8, but a few more primes are needed. But many are satisfied using the likes of the 70-200 f4 or f2.8 and the new 80-400 FX lenses on their DX bodies.

It would be a more robust semi-Pro build with shutter tested to 200,000, 1/8000th top shutter speed and at least 1/250th, possibly 1/320th flash sync speed. It would probably have an improved algorithm for moire control as in the upcoming D800S.

But how long do we wait, we who have been dying for the long-rumoured D400? I really really hope it is before August/September.

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