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Re: It is what it is......

Huckles wrote:

As with all comparisons or experience, it comes down to what you have used or what your used to. Coming from the D4, D3s, D800 e.t.c of course the 'lesser' AF 39 point system is weaker but as I also state in my review, I can work around that... but that's where this camera gets people emotional. At this price point, should we have to?

Agreed but I'm not sure if the AF is weaker just more limiting in use.   For Sport and Wildlife action I want very fast accurate AF in the center points (cluster or single) .  For much of what I shoot with the Df I would prefer the wider spread.

It's certainly not bad, far from it. In good light it is damn fine and fast (as should most AF systems be). Just in my line of work, it CAN get dicey. But for most intents and purposes it will be more than fine.


The 'feeling' of cheapness is not solely in it's weight. It's the tangible elements, like feel, shape, balance.

It does not have the same feeling of a fine piece of machinery that the EM1 or my D3s has but I do not have the 'cheap' feeling

The position of the should strap lug on the right hand side is this.. the shoulder strap MUST fall between your index finger and middle finger for you to shoot with the Df. Which it doesn't and isn't required to do so on ALL other camera bodies I have ever used, including all manufactuerers. I'm sure there is a 'reason' for placing it there but if your bringing the camera up and down constantly, the wrestling with the strap is such a nuisance. Not a major problem at all, but something which has to be considered.

Yup, minor inconvenience

These are just my thoughts out in the field...

and my user thoughts, great IQ, best skin tones of any of my cameras, very good auto WB, files that are very easy to work with.  Operation is not as fluid for many types of shooting.


Many thanks for posting and the link


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