My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: And we thought Nikon's current management was poor

Jack Hass wrote:

Rservello wrote:

And presumably a time travel device to sell these, because they won't sell now.

They would sell. There are still people that shoot photography for the enjoyment of mastering an art...not for the ability just to show off cool pics on facebook...or do it for a living. Would they sell for $3000....not a chance in hell. But a D610 with no LCD or auto features shouldn't cost nearly as much to it should put it into the cost range of a D7100 with the IQ of a D610. If I could get my old Canon AE-1 with a digital sensor back I would be ALL IN!

I personally shoot 100% manual and never look at the meter. I do look at the histogram in order to make sure I am exposing evenly on a test shot, but after that I just shoot and look later.

I fail to see how having aids like AF or a histo detract in any way my ability to produce art. Goodness knows im anti FB, twitter, myspace, i could care less about the social movement. That is why i like DPR, it's not about identity, it's about ideas. If all you guys are worried about is saving a few bucks perhaps you should spend a few more hours at work to finance your hobby. Or take you own advice, buy a cheap P&S.

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It's not about your art vs my art, and its also not about saving a few bucks. What I was saying in the original post was just that all the things I happen to want in a camera are all things that it *seems* would also make the camera lighter, cheaper, and have much greater battery life. It's not that I want them simply because I think they will make it cheaper.

I genuinely want a small full frame DSLR. I am genuinely not interested in having ten million options everytime I shoot a picture. I realize I could ignore all the extra buttons and dials, but the shooting experience is not the same (and is lesser in many ways) than a 40 year old hunk of metal that cost me next to nothing and still worked fine 20 years after it was built.

I don't want to shoot film, and I understand that the combined cost of the camera and all the film I bought over the years is far more than any full frame professional DSLR nowadays. But that doesn't take away from the fact that the experience is lesser (in my opinion) than it was.

I believe that cameras (and probably all things) will go 'backwards' eventually when we finally figure out that having tiny screens on every single appliance we own does not make them better to use. There is nothing like knowing a well designed tool so that you can use it with your eyes closed. With my FT2 I could pick it up and within 2 seconds know what f-stop, aperture, and where the focus ring was WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE CAMERA. Without having it at my eye. It means that my interaction with the camera is physical, and not cerebral at all. I liked that interaction, and I feel its a loss that that does not exist any more.

And the solution seems so simple, which is why I made the post. All I want is an old time setup. I don't want to see my photos as I take them. I want to take photos when I take them. And after I get back home I can get back into that reflective, cerebral mindset where I look at my photos and  get all excited about them. Or feel like a doofus for messing up the focus, aperture or shutterspeed. Cause that's all part of it. . .

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