My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: My dream full-frame camera.

Aaron801 wrote:

Janoch wrote:

You don't have to use the LCD or other screens... mine is turned off and only use it, when "chimping". But I like to check, if the shot was nailed at site.

Alas, I'm surprised again and again, when looking through shots, once at home (rolls eyes)

Better battery life? I don't know... haven't still been able to "kill" a battery out there. More than 1000 shots per charge...

Image qulity = equal? I don't believe you!

And if you want a weight winner, just replace the D600 with a D800!

Will also increase the fun part...

Happy Hunting!

Yeah, the "equal" comment doesn't really seem to be the case. I feel like my m4/3 camera captures far more detail than a 35mm image and for it to even come close you'd have to be shooting on some sort of 64 ASA film... which is a drag and pretty limiting. A FF camera then would be much more comparable to a medium format. I'm certainly not an expert on this stuff but I seem to remember seeing tests where a digital FF bested a 120 camera's image. A 4' x " much less an 8"18" image is in a whole other class, but most folks don't need that kind of quality anyway (a lot of us don't see that the bunk and cost of a FF is even worth it with the quality possible in smaller formats.

The whole battery issue doesn't really make sense to me either. First of all a digital camera does so much more stuff, it's inevitable that it's going to draw more power... if not only for the sensor for the ability to preview images right after you take them and in the case of electronic viewfinders to show you effects of exposure and all kinds of other information in the finder. I bought my GH2 used and perhaps because the three batteries it came with already had a lot of use on 'em they go really really fast. Still, I'm not bothered by this in the least as it's easy enough to charge up all three and then they pack very, small so even if I don't bring a camera bag with me they're easily pocketable. If I'm doing a lot of shooting, I'll typically only use two so the third one is really just a sort of safety measure.

So when I said "image quality" I should really have said 'shallow depth of field', because for me that's what makes a truly beautiful image. I don't really care so much about how crisp or perfectly rendered the colours are, I'm after an interesting image that grabs the eye, and that requires part of the image in focus and part of the image out of focus. I've tried a 4/3 camera for a few years, and while the size, weight and quality of the images are all excellent, it does not in any way inspire me like seeing my slide and black and white images from my old 35 mm camera. Very simply, the smaller sensor leaves too much in focus all the time. This is one of the hardest things for me to accept about the new digital paradigm, is that consumer, prosumer, and every other level of affordable equipment cannot replicate the depth of field of professional equipment. Whereas in the old days the very cheapest plastic SLRs (i.e. nikon fm10) could take pictures as beautiful and mesmerizing as the most expensive professional equipment, because they all had the same 'sensor' size.

In terms of battery life, I agree, modern cameras do so much more stuff that they require lots more battery power. But what if I don't want the camera to do all that stuff? What if I want to do more of it? What if I prefer the manual click of an aperture ring, and the full stop of a proper manual focus ring - some actual physical feedback that allows me to work by feel? That makes the experience of photography something more than just recording images. It's a physical act that requires coordination - a learned skill. And that's what I want. It also happens to not require batteries, which is also what I want. Hmm.

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