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Re: Oly 75mm or...

Sho-Bud wrote:

Just another thought: have you considered the Olympus 60mm macro lens. Also very sharp and great for portraits, plus the added macro possibilities.

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I agree with this.

The Oly 60 mm, tests to be one of the sharpest lenses for m43. See tests by SLRGear, Admiring Light, Steve Huff, Ming Thein, Robin Wong. I own it and my experience confirms this.

The 75 is also outstanding from all I have read. My concern about it is that one tends to shoot it from such a distance that the images have a flat two dimensional quality. Like most paintings. At least judging from the published images.   Some people love this rendering.

For portraits in particular, I think your 45mm is the most flattering to faces, based on the distance from which it is usually shot. The 75 for sure gives to flat a rendering to suit me, for portraits, since it is usually shot from a greater distance.

As a walk around lens, I would think the 60 would be more suitable than a 75; that is what I will use it for in Europe.



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