sold my ff gear..what next ?

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burnymeister wrote:

I was lured by the D800e along with the "trinity" of f/2.8's a few years ago. While the IQ of the system was great, the size and weight kept me from enjoying it.

Go with a Panasonic GM1 and some tiny m43 primes like the 12mm f/2, 15mm f/1.7, 25mm f/1.8 and 45mm f/1.8. Even if you only use this as a secondary system, you'll find yourself having more fun than you though possible with a "half frame" system...

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Vern Dewit
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Kind of crazy if you ask me. I seen all the things you have used, now you went with the half frame, gave up the D800 and the big 2.8 zooms and now shoot primes on the half frame system and now you are in love with the sony FF. Back to FF but with manual lenses.

You seem like a gear head that cannot stay with anything for long. I would recommend any gear head that has money to burn can cannot make up his mind to listen to your recommondations.

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