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Re: The big lie, repeated again

dmanthree wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

Ii see they perpetuated the lie that the Hasselblad produces 16 bits. It does not. The CCD Hasselblad produces 12. The Nikon produces 14. The CMOS Hasselblad produces 14 and a fraction.

There is no camera made today that produces 16 bits natively.

And these are the guys doing the "testing"?

What does Hasselblad mean when they say the sensor's "Color Definition" is 16 bits?

Hasselblad is using off-the-shelf component A-D converters that are 16 bits wide for its CCD cameras.  They want people to think that they are offering more bits than 35mm sensors, which typically use 14 bit converters (e.g., the Analog Devices AD9978, or in the case of the Sony sensors, internal converters).  But it's a deceit.  The CCD cameras produce about 12 at best.

The people at The Camera Store were gracious about the error.  They apologized and said that future MFD reviews would be correct.

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