D800 vs Hassy

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Re: D800 vs Hassy

A couple of points, if I was Nikon right now I would be screaming at the results - how well the D800 held up toe to toe with the Hassey.

For the difference in price to have such a tiny advantage, and in most cases LESS of an advantage over the D800 - the Hassey people should feel like SUCKERS. The Hassy had it's lunch eaten by the D800. For 20K more and three pros looking at the photo with the equivalent of electron microscopes, and the D800 stayed neck and neck with the Hassey - BRAVO NIKON.

So 20K more and you get better highlight definition, but can't shoot over iso 200, cant carry around and shoot at will, heavier, needs a tripod, can't bring out the shadows etc etc .

Nay, for my money the D800 won hands down.

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