Anyone change the focusing screen on their D4?

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Re: Anyone change the focusing screen on their D4?

Once installed, they look perfect and as far as I can tell show 100% as before.

good to know!!

If you go for anything other than the type 'S', the spot metering under the area with the split prism/different pattern may meter differently from some user accounts that I have read. Don't know about this but since the matrix metering sensor is used in some AF modes (eg. 3D tracking) that may be affected as well but haven't seen any comments about that.

I have heard that as well. However from my understanding center weighted metering and matrix aren't really affected. so as long as you choose center weighted it should be ok... Also I think spot metering is only effected in slower lenses. If you had a zoom lens where the max aperture was 4, or 5.6 then you'd have a hard time using spot metering since the lower light transmission would black out the split focuser.  That being said it would also make the split prism impossible to use since its not a large enough aperture to effectively use a split prism on. the only other time you'd have an issue is if you were using a MF lens that required you to stop it down in order to meter correctly. With the Df you have the ability to enter in a lens in memory then set the aperture with the ring (then tell the camera what aperture you on with the wheel). thereby eliminating the need to stop down the the lens to meter. In theory the camera should take the light entering the lens at the spot section, then make a mathematical adjustment based on what you told the camera the set aperture will be and meter to that without you needing to stop it down. so it shouldn't really effect the spot metering.... i could be wrong and in reality I'm not TOO concerned about it

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