Anyone change the focusing screen on their D4?

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Re: Anyone change the focusing screen on their D4?

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Any Problem for auto focus after you change the screen?

Here's a summary if you're interested:

No problems with AF or on screen display functionality with either Df or D800.


Hey this is great. I'm actually looking at getting a screen for my Df from I have been going back and forth between the Ec-b and the Type-S. I like having the 12mm center weighted reference circle, and I really like the split prism (sorta feels like home. my first camera was a minolta XE-5). The minolta screen was much more like the K3 with split prism center, micro prisim outer ring then a larger 12mm reference ring and matte background. Too bad they don't make a K3 for the Df.

So like I said I like the Ec-b... but I can see the benifit of the Type-S it would be nice to have a screen that actually shows DOF greater than 2.8 although I think it'd be nicer if it had a reference like a split prism or something especially for lower light where the images may not pop as notably.

Here's my question. Supposedly the Df has a 100% focus screen. I think that means that the default focus screen in the view finder shows 100% what the image will take. I've read that the screens you buy like the k3, Ec-b, F6-a, Type-S are slightly smaller than the stock focus screen, therefore do not show 100%. Have you found this to be true? Also if so, did that cause any issues with installing a smaller screen?



I had my local camera store technician fit the screen (fitted while I waited) so I didn't compare the screens before they were fitted. They didn't mention anything to me which I imagine they would have done were they of a different size.

Once installed, they look perfect and as far as I can tell show 100% as before.

Maybe the size difference applies to some DX cameras as Canon use a 1.6 crop for their APS-C vs the 1.5 used by Nikon?

If you go for anything other than the type 'S', the spot metering under the area with the split prism/different pattern may meter differently from some user accounts that I have read. Don't know about this but since the matrix metering sensor is used in some AF modes (eg. 3D tracking) that may be affected as well but haven't seen any comments about that.

Btw, do give you everything you would need to fit the screen yourself though I think it s better to have someone who is familiar with the procedure do it since they are easily damaged. My original screens were spot on but the replacements both needed 1 shim so I would plan on checking accuracy after installation and adding shims if needed.

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