m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Re: m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

Martin.au wrote:

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arbuz wrote:

amtberg wrote:

So I could take my antique 8 MP 20D but not my very modern 16 MP GH3 which has much better image quality, far superior high ISO performance, and vastly better AF (and MF). How incredibly ignorant.

Yes, sure, since your antique 20D is a medium or large format camera. "How incredibly ignorant"

I think this topic illustrates the reason for that requirement. The workshop is for the people that have some basic of photography and did not just migrate from iphone. If you and all the others responding to the thread do not know what is medium or large format camera then it's not even worth going the route of explaining how different is the process taking pictures with you "very modern" point and shot Gh3 vs medium format camera.

The tour did not require medium or large FORMAT, but rather medium or large CAMERA. Clearly they were limiting entry to those using DSLRs rather than field cameras. The GH3 is no more a point and shoot than a Nikon D4.



"SLR camera (medium or large format) required"

Out of curiosity, can you please post as some examples of an SLR (medium or large format).

I think that would be a very, very, quiet tour.

There are actually lots of medium format DSLRs and film SLRs ....I don't know of ANY large format ones.    Pentax makes a 645 DSLR and made film ones before that as well as 6x7 SLRs

Thing is that it seems they allow in APSC DSLRs at least and medium format cameras that are NOT (EG Mamiya 7).

I have sent an email asking for clarification....really curious about this and why.

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