Adobe PS+xrite software/Dell software created monitor profiles = bug???

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Adobe PS+xrite software/Dell software created monitor profiles = bug???

OK really weird, if I set my Dell to sRGB+gamma 2.2 mode and use the Dell profile for that mode then PS shows images in prophotorgb as noticeably bluer-greener than those stored as sRGB and slightly so than those stored as AdobeRGB. Yet the same images in Irfanview/Firefox/FPV all look relatively similar, maybe just the barest of a tint change at most.

And if for kicks I use the sRGB+gamma 2.2 profile made by NEC SV II for my NEC PA monitor and assign that to me Dell (also calibrated to srgb+gamma 2.2) then suddenly PS shows the prophotorgb images and adobergb and srgbimages and grayscales all with reasonably similar color cast as do other programs!

So it seems like something about how xrite profiler/dell premiere color profiler store create monitor profiles is causing PS to create color casts when viewing images that are in other than sRGB format!

Since other programs don't seem to show the large color cast shift I guess it is more of a PS bug than an xrite/Dell bug, although xrite/Dell are doing something non-standard?? Not sure what to make of it.

I have been messing with so many settings that maybe I have something askew but I can't find anything that seems to be set wrong.

If this is real, then wow something to watch out for if you use xrite and/or Dell to make monitor profiles and you use Photoshop (the most recent non-CC version at least).

Do a test and take a gray scale that was in sRGB format and then convert to prophotorgb, during preview nothing chances, but and as soon as go ahead and do the conversion check to see if you don't notice it going blue-greener all of a sudden! If you notice that then the monitor profile you are using seems to not agree with PS all that well.

Man so it seems PS might be bugged for use with xrite and/or Dell generated monitor profiles!

OTOH, using PS the tone responses for images in different formats seem to stay a touch more consistent using PS even with these xrite/dell profiles (and even more with the NEC generated profiles) than with other programs which for absolute black point srgb gamma 2.2 calibs seem to get a little confused with the xrite/dell tone response?

I guess will have to try to get argyl to profile my xrite/dell calibration and see what happens then.

Until I get that fixed up I can't say too much more about the other issues.

Very strange.

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