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Re: The big lie, repeated again

dmanthree wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

Ii see they perpetuated the lie that the Hasselblad produces 16 bits. It does not. The CCD Hasselblad produces 12. The Nikon produces 14. The CMOS Hasselblad produces 14 and a fraction.

There is no camera made today that produces 16 bits natively.

And these are the guys doing the "testing"?

What does Hasselblad mean when they say the sensor's "Color Definition" is 16 bits?

They mean that the files in Photoshop are 16-bit. The dynamic range of the Hassy in the you tube video is actually about 13-bit so 14-bits is just as sufficient as 16-bits. The sixteen bit in this case is just marketing hype, there is not enough data to warrant 16-bits.

The D800 sensor is so much better than the larger sensor that despite the size advantage of the Hassy it can't compete. It's like better technology/pixel in large volume point and shots per pixel vs. the D800. But the D800 can still hold its own against smaller sensor due to the sensor size advantage.

The one advantage the Hassy in the video has against the D800 is that with a lens with same resolution (Lp/mm) the resolution will "per pixel" will be better due to the large sensor (and pixels). The second advantage of the Hassy is slightly better color accuracy (more strongly colored RGB filters?). The color accuracy of course also depends on the RAW converter used and how the curves are calibrated.

It is mentioned in the video that the skin tones of the Hassy have more tonal values than the images of the D800. As I can see there are two potential reasons for this; higher reloution (lp/h) and more noise in the Hassy. It is not caused by 16-bits.

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