Kelby has gone too far now - Launches Canon In Action Tour.

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Re: Yes and No

Good points, but I think we can argue Nikon always was weak at marketing. Canon always has been brilliant there. If I had a dime for every Canon shooter I know who, once a bit further in their knowledge, realized that Nikon might have been better for them but they bought because of the ads and regret it, I'd have a shiny new 5Dmk III - JUST KIDDING. Nikon often has better products.... I remember when, going out on landscape trips, in the D2X days a Nikon user was about as rare as common sense and no bashing in the forums, but once the D3/D700/D300 era came, that changed rapidly and quickly - yet there really wasn't any specific marketing campaign from Nikon that I can recall that drove that change. The products were a leap better than the dreck from the early Nikon DSLR days when Canon was kicking their rumps at anything above ISO 100.01

However, Nikon doesn't get a free pass either. Their change to the damned picture controls was poorly done - while I totally love the flexibility of them, the Nikon default choices really blew for skin tones, and should have been MUCH better. Even today I don't think Nikon skin tones work well with Adobe software and Canon out of box skin tone is easier to get where you generally want it, with most raw converters. The service stories from Nikon I hear, particularly out of the west coast are scary (disclaimer: all my service from Nikon done in Melville has been positive). But Nikon is still competitive with Canon even though their marketing isn't close to being as good. Now, what occurs once Canon finally gets a better sensor plant going and produces sensors that don't send the shadows into hell at base ISO compared to the Nikon 800E , well, that might make things very interesting, and perhaps scary, for Nikon. But I can't predict the future.


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