Would you be okay with this lighting?

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Re: It wasn't obvious what you expected

steephill wrote:

Your initial post didn't exactly live up to the question you posed. Random shots of colour swatches in different lighting conditions with no explanation are difficult to respond to in any meaningful kind of way. Colour accuracy is a very complex subject with many variables involved from light sources (as I think you are focusing on) to WB, monitor calibration, PP software, viewing environment etc. all with variable levels of colour (mis) management possible. So it would definitely have helped if you had explained your post in more detail initially.

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You're right...most of those variables don't matter here because they are equal. I consider them to be common denominators. I adjusted WB to be as close to equal as I could (yes, it's not quite there, I agree with that.)...both images are being viewed on the same monitor. Therefore the effect of the monitor is applied equally between the two images and we can just look at relative variation between the two. Both will also be viewed in the same environment. Basically, the daylight is a baseline for which I was trying to recreate in the artificial lighting. I realize I will need different PP for this to happen, my goal was to make sure it was possible. If the LED spectrum was terrible, it would be hard to duplicate each of those colors and therefore, might be impossible no matter how much PP was used.

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