Why not a 12-35 F1.8 - F2.8?

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Re: I am quite surprised you never heard of it

CharlesB58 wrote:

True Sergey, I'm a photographer, not a gear junkie. I admit I have much more interest in how the gear I use can produce the images I want than in arguing about how the gear is designed, how it compares to other gear, or whether or not someone wants to try to convince me my gear is inferior.

I'm much more interested in my own satisfaction with the images that result from whatever gear and process I use, as well as my clients' approval of those images.

Not one of them has yet to ask me what sort od design the lenses I use are. So I will admit such discussions are not my forte.

One reason I question some experts on dpr forums is the tendency for them to be biased in favor of certain gear. Too often someone uses their presumed expertise as a roundabout way of saying that their gear is better than someone elses gear.
If, in my lifetime, I will have produced just one image that makes a real difference in the life of another, I will have achieved my highest goal as a photographer.



I agree that what the gear does is most important, and for those that have no interest in the inner workings, the technical explanations don't matter. But it is a bit odd for you to say what you just did, whilst in the same thread make the effort to spread the notion that the Oly SHG f/2 zooms are big and heavy due simply to their superior and uncompromising design and impeccable build quality - but when people make the effort to explain the more scientific reasons for their size and weight, all of a sudden it no longer interests you.

I find many of the actual experts (as opposed to the wannabe experts), people who work in the engineering/research/design - the "sciences of imaging", tend to have very well reasoned explanations (devoid of emotion), and the bias you speak of mostly comes from people who feel threatened that their gear of choice is not the be all end all they thought it was. You don't find too many people with the larger formats feeling threatened by the truth because they can grasp the concept that there is "no free lunch". In my home we have m4/3 (newly acquired as it is a great quality to size ratio), Sony NEX, Nikon DX and Nikon FX systems so equivalence does interest me, as does a great deal of topics discussed on these forums. More and more I find that m43 can serve as a sweet spot for the general population who is wanting a bit more than what phone cams or p&s can offer, but I haven't given up my other gear yet... the first to go will probably be the Nikon DX stuff once I get a second FX camera. Still undecided how much more to invest in m43 - I'll just keep an eye on it and buy what suits my needs/wants and shooting style.

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