m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Re: RTFM - medium or large format!

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Well, I just looked up the tour details http://www.lowerantelope.com/aboutTheTour.php and it says

"Photographer's pass is 2 hours in duration. One photo pass for each individual with the required equipment. You can purchase the pass at the booth. The REQUIRED equipment are a SLR camera, medium or large format WITH a tripod. No guide is provided for the photographer, but a Canyon Monitor will check on you periodically for questions or assistant.

Things to bring:

• SLR camera (medium or large format) required
• Extra film or memory cards.
• Batteries
• Tripod required
• Plastic bag (for windy days to protect camera or lens)"

Seems a bit stupid, but an m4/3 is not an SLR (bolding is theirs, not mine).

So just take a tripod and any old DSLR (smaller the better....old Pentax APSC fit the bill or better still a film SLR like a Spotmatic) AND your other camera.

How did you get 7 supporting votes for you ignorant post?

Do you know what medium or large format is? it is not APS-C and it is not 35mm. it's bigger.

You should actually take a minute to read the original post before you climb on your high smart a$$ horse. The tour requirement was for medium or large CAMERA -- not medium or large FORMAT. Apparently their purpose was to limit the tour to "serious" photographers who they assumed would be using DSLRs.

Edit: if you go to the Ken Tour website they actually specify "SLR (medium or large format)". I think they mean APS-C or full frame rather than medium or large format film/sensor size, since AFAIK there's actually no such thing as a large format SLR. Also they would be limiting their audience to a very small group indeed.

Your thinking confirms all I have written. There is an organized photo tour which asks for, wait for it,

"SLR camera (medium or large format) required"

while you keep saying it's about APS-C or FF. No large format SLR? LOL.

Of course the problem with your theory, aside from it being completely unrealistic, is that people were apparently allowed to take the tour using ordinary DSLRs.

Large format SLRs?  LOL

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