Several question regarding "backup" services, external hard drives, etc.

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Ben Herrmann
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Several question regarding "backup" services, external hard drives, etc.

Hello all:

I have several questions, if you will - all regarding back-up services.  You see, this morning, I suffered a massive external hard drive failure.  In this case, it was a Seagate external 1 Terabyte hard drive.  I kept all of my RAW images on this hard drive - lost them all and we're talking RAW files since the year 2000 from dozens of cameras.   They were completely lost and a regular data recovery could not be accomplished because the disk suffered a severe mechanical failure (not a partition problem).  As a result, I just don't have the few thousand dollars required to send it to an industrial data recovery service to do a "white room" recovery (if that is even possible with this particular disk).

I've looked into online backup services in the past - those who are constantly backing up data.  But at the time, all of them did not do external hard drive backup services - they just backed up data located on your main PC hard drive (i.e. the C drive).  I found this frustrating at the time since I always saved my images to external drives.

So my questions are:

1.  Is there an online back-up service (reputable, that is) that can now backup now only what you have on your main PC drive (in my case, drive C), but also several external hard drives?

2.  I'm purchasing several more external drives - but this time no more Seagate branded models since all of my HD failures in the past have been Seagates (and they all happened to fail after just 2 - 3  years of use).  My Western Digital models have served me well (never a failure).  I will be purchasing several 3 Terabyte models WD branded models.  How can I line up two of them in series (not parallel), so that when saving images to one, it will then also automatically make an additional save to the 2nd disk - a backup, if you will?  Is that even possible?

I've never saved anything on my main PC drive (C) other than the programs themselves.  All of my data, etc., has always been saved to external disks.


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