Oly 75mm or...

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Re: Oly 75mm or...

I have all 3 lenses you mentioned. They are all excellent lenses, everyone one of them. When used on am Olympus camera with the nice IBIS

It really depends on what you shoot and on your budget.

45mm - most useful FL, small, light, the first one to buy. Or the one to get if you only want to buy one of these.everything is just right, except for the build quality.

60mm - fantastic value! Sharper than the others, no big deal if dropped or lost. Still fairly useful and small, if you do not have to have the smoothest bokeh, which is still very good. No brainer for anyone with $180 to spare. Just buy it if so.

75mm - more specialised. Best bokeh. Best optical qualities, except for sharpness from f/2.8, among these. Suitable for longer distances and when only the very best IQ is needed. The sharpness difference between it and the Sigma is insignificant. It probably won't be used much or only used for critical cases. Buy I if you don't mind nearly$1000 locked away, and only used occasionally, if you are not a portrait or wedding pro or rich. Bigger, Min focus distance long, but otherwise deserving it's legendary reputation.

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