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Re: No, it's the voice of frustration and experience.

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I'm quite capable of coming to that conclusion on my own.

Depends what you want to do. If it's DAM you want go with Aperture it's brilliant. If it's just converting a raw file to something else then Capture One Pro.

I use Aperture every working day, it does a good job converting Canon files, I very rarely need anything else to get the image converted from raw to tiff/jpg. It's all there quick and easy to use.

I've tried various LR editions just incase I was missing something brilliant, I found it cluttered and fussy. Don't mistake Apertures simplicity of use as meaning it's not capable or sophisticated.

It is handling for me about 6TB of archives. To be honest I found Photoshop to be the least capable converter for Canon RAW, Canon's own does a better job than the Adobe range. I have Photoshop whatever number we are up to now and I hardly ever touch it. I also have Topaz as a plugin for Aperture and rarely use that either, Aperture does a very good job and is easy to learn and use.

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