Anyone change the focusing screen on their D4?

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Re: Anyone change the focusing screen on their D4?

inasir1971 wrote:

Kpatel55 wrote:

Any Problem for auto focus after you change the screen?

Here's a summary if you're interested:

No problems with AF or on screen display functionality with either Df or D800.


Hey this is great. I'm actually looking at getting a screen for my Df from I have been going back and forth between the Ec-b and the Type-S. I like having the 12mm center weighted reference circle, and I really like the split prism (sorta feels like home. my first camera was a minolta XE-5). The minolta screen was much more like the K3 with split prism center, micro prisim outer ring then a larger 12mm reference ring and matte background. Too bad they don't make a K3 for the Df.

So like I said I like the Ec-b... but I can see the benifit of the Type-S it would be nice to have a screen that actually shows DOF greater than 2.8 although I think it'd be nicer if it had a reference like a split prism or something especially for lower light where the images may not pop as notably.

Here's my question. Supposedly the Df has a 100% focus screen. I think that means that the default focus screen in the view finder shows 100% what the image will take. I've read that the screens you buy like the k3, Ec-b, F6-a, Type-S are slightly smaller than the stock focus screen, therefore do not show 100%. Have you found this to be true? Also if so, did that cause any issues with installing a smaller screen?



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