Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

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Re: Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

labalaba wrote:

TQGroup wrote:

Thank you for your thoughtful comments and the time you have taken to communicate them. Fortunately, I have some time before I start this work in July and so I will practice and experiment before I go overseas. I already own a 105 VR and so that will be the lens I use on a newly re-shuttered D600 (with a D7100 as an emergency back-up).

I have already contacted the museum in Sydney and I will have discussions with a curator to fully understand what "perfect" could look like... not that I am promising "perfect" results...:-)

Given the weight restrictions traveling "cattle class", I will experiment with an easily portable "rig" that does not weight too much but is very stable and secure. Does anyone have experience with Nikon's R1 macro flash setup?

Finally, throughput speed is very important; at one butterfly a minute, the task will take just 21 eight hour days...:-|

good luck

presumably you'll have assistance, to move the butterflies around for you, and for conversation to remain sane (10,000 clicks is a lot).

If it is any consolation, once you've finished someone else will have to copy the data information for each specimen onto your image files. That is going to take a lot longer. I wouldn't mention this though, or they'll suggest you photograph the data labels at the same time as the specimens.

Good point.  May want to leave some space below each subject so information can be layered on in post processing photo software.  That will take longer than the photographing will.

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