Would you be okay with this lighting?

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Re: Would you be okay with this lighting?

Bill Robb wrote:

sumx4182 wrote:

Bill Robb wrote:

Fair enough. What do your eyes tell you?

It appears to me that while a bit washed out (probably due to the proximity of the light to the paper), the colors seem to be fairly accurate. But I also know that I do not have the discerning eye that some other people have, nor do I have the experience of many other people here. So I thought to look for opinions. I wasn't aware that was frowned upon or that it would be met with resistance. I already know what I think therefore I wasn't posting this to ask myself, I was posting to ask others.

Hey, don't go off all butt hurt. Believe it or not, I am trying to help, though you may not see that. However, if you don't want help, I will happily bow out. I do have other things to occupy my time with.,

Be well

The whole point was that I was asking for help! I'm not quite sure how that wasn't clear. If you intended on helping, why haven't you done so already? I don't get how you asking what I think about it was helping. You question about my testing methods was valid and I feel like I explained it. I was looking for other people's opinions. I already know my own. and i'm not "butt hurt"...I'm being honest.

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