Nikon SB800/900 real GN value ...

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Re: Nikon SB800/900 real GN value ...

Arnaud M wrote:

elliotn wrote:

Arnaud M wrote:

Ok, I made ​​a mistake in my first post. The guide number does not change with 5 battery and remains at 22.9.

No one else has made a test with a flash meter ?

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I just tried with an SB80DX (same GN as SB800?) and a Sekonic light meter.

At 35mm I read f22.7

At 105mm I read f32.4

I can't see much to be concerned about.

The guide number of the sb80dx is 38 !!!

Ok, so it's two thirds of a stop underpowered. Not a big deal for me.

I have four SB80DXs (different vintages, purchased on ebay), and they all meter exactly the same.

It's been a long time since I used guide numbers for anything - or my Sekonic meter, for that matter.

I use the SB80s all the time, but normally off-camera, at low power (1/4 or less), to mix with ambient.

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