D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: D9300 - For real or just another tease?

Maji wrote:

The Pentax K3 is probably the baseline for the D9300. The AF improvements would make it a solid DX pro camera. However, as it has the F-mount, it will cost $1700-1800 when introduced.

Certainly, one would think that if Nikon cares at all about competing with Pentax (something I'm not entirely sure they do since Nikon seems much more focused on Canon than Pentax), then they would want to beat the K-3 with any higher end DX camera. I'd agree with you there.

If Nikon puts the right "speed camera" features in a D9300 (or whatever it's called), I think the audience that wants those features would pay the $1700-$1800 that you are proposing (perhaps even more), largely because there really are no alternatives that are F-mount and sport those features other than the $6500 D4s.

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