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Yes, the current version 7 of Capture One works perfectly with OSX.

rwbaron wrote:

Thanks for your thoughts.

I'm in the process of switching to the Mac platform and like the interface of Aperture. Too bad they don't have a trial version but $80 isn't going to break the bank either. It appears Apple needs to update Aperture as it's now something like 4+ years in the current version.

I many times use DPP for my RAW conversion and then export the 16 bit Tiff to PS if it needs further work that I can't do in DPP. Since Canon updated to the CR2 RAW format from CRW's I've never liked the RAW conversion from ACR. Loved it though with my 10D CRW's. Colors seem off and I find it difficult to get any "punch" out of an image which happens by default with DPP.

Does Capture One have a version for OSX?


Kabe Luna wrote:

...does an excellent job with Canon raw files–in particular, color-rendering is superior by default to Lightroom. It's toolset is unfortunately narrow compared to competing software–crude and disappointing noise reduction, coarse sharpening, no perspective or lens distortion correction and simplistic CA much so that I gave up using it a couple years ago (Capture One delivers even better image quality with a very robust toolset). Before I gave up on it, I was using Aperture for the basic raw conversion, then using Lightroom for NR, lens correction, perspective correction, etc.

rwbaron wrote:

Looking for opinions from those familiar with using Aperture With Canon RAW files. I'm considering switching from years of PC's to a MacBook Pro 15 and am interested in Aperture. I use CS5 and have LR3 but rarely use LR. I shoot RAW exclusively and frankly convert and work with most of my files with DPP and only use CS5 when a file needs special attention like burning and dodging or keystone correction. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a free trial offer on Aperture so I'd prefer not to buy something I won't use if it's not that capable or doesn't render Canon RAW files well.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and opinions.


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