My dream full-frame camera.

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tko wrote:

Why would anyone want that? Lets throw away 60 years of progress. Why not just buy an old film SLR and develop in the darkroom? Which, if you truly want the old-time experience, would be the only ethical way to go.

By the way, I've been shooting for about 50 years now . . . and I don't get this yearning for the past.

I agree with that viewpoint. I mean, I do like certain "old school" controls for camreas. The Fuji design with the ISO and shutter speed, right on the camera body is nice, I think. So is the fact that their lenses have the aperture right on the barrel. I like cameras with exposure comp adjustments on the body as well, which my GH2 doesn't have but I've certainly leaned to live with. I like occasionally using manual focus as well, but then again the really nice aids for that are high-tech, like focus peaking.

I really appreciate a lot of the "tech" in these cameras though (beyond just the sensor) and I think that although some on-the-body, old school type controls are really nice and very useful (you pay more... a lot more for that kind of thing in pro-level video cameras) I don't see a reason that digital cameras should operate just like film cameras. All of these extra features (like AF, to begin with) just mean that you have the ability to take good photos in many different types of situations and features like AF mean that you can come away with more keepers. The really well designed cameras are made in such a way that they're easy to use manually, without all of the automated features (like AF, auto exposure, etc) so I see no really compelling reason to have a digital camera that is designed to mimic an old film camera and only does that... Why not have the best of both worlds with great automated features as well as well implemented full-manual controls and then the user can choose between the two depending on what works best for a given situation.

The one set of features that I know that I'll never use is various in-camrea effects; if I want some crazy clown-color saturation,  on something I can always make that adjustment later in Photoshop and I'm much rather do it that way and have precise control of what I'm getting. Still, it doesn't bother me that my camera offers tons of those kind of options; they're buried deep in menus that I don't go to and am unlikely to get to by accident. I figure that they're made for a few percentage of users that are going to like that sort of thing and by appealing to those folks, the manufacturer can sell more camreas. If they're selling more, they can make 'em for cheaper and I get a bargain. It's a win-win situation, really. I realize that cameras are mass produced products and as such they're made to appeal to as many folks as possible. As long as they can be made so that the checklist of features that I want is part of the equation and that the extra features don't bog down the operation, it's all good.

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