My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: My dream full-frame camera.

Rservello wrote:

Jack Hass wrote:

I agree, lets shoot freely without chimping or any other digital help, keep it as simple as possible. There's nothing more satisfying than getting that SD card home and seeing 250 back focused shots that have blown highlights.

If you are that bad at manual focus and require auto everything to shoot...maybe you should consider a point and shoot and leave the bulky DSLR at home?

Id like to introduce you to my friend, his name is Rhetoric. He also has a cousin named facetious (no, not a mythical greek figure). I shoot as well as any other casual intermediate, that's not the issue. I fail to see the point of the OP and his movement. If i don't want to use my LCD, i can turn it off. Poof!  Like magic, it may as well not be there. If i don't want AF guess what.... Poof! Like magic, i turn it off and it's gone. What i see is a bunch of pompous ego heads who would like to show off their prowess by owning "the pure" cameras that nobody else is good enough to use. Nobody is making you guys use these features now. Turn it off, shoot blind, keep it till you go home, like a cracker jack box. Surprise !!!

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