sold my ff gear..what next ?

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Re: x100s

ImageAmateur wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

yes I meant AF not zoom ! Sorry for that glitsch.. but no the Sony is not clouding

my mind.......its the first camera with that kind of AF performance for that kind of money..

I own a lot of cameras and I like them all but I see when a product is a game changer..

and the Sony is one of them.....

just like the d700 was and the d800E which brought MF digital quality down to 3000 $ level...

and the GH4 4K down to 1500 $....


Interesting, I better read the specs and reviews now, you are the second person (the other also has also posted sensible thoughts in many previous posts, so I consider his judgement sound) on these forums to have been saying the same thing in the last day or so re that Sony...


the kit lens is small with that camera and gives you good enough quality for many uses

but if you need higher IQ get the 16-70mm Zeiss that is realy good.. better then some

of those Nikon zooms and much smaller..

the 24 Zeiss is also very good.....

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