My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: Some of us have different priorities

Rservello wrote:

I'm well aware that it's thicker. BUT, it has the features that are desired. Since nothing that is being described's the closest there is.

And it costs what it costs to make a camera like that.

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Do you just love arguing...

It takes two to argue. There would be no argument if you weren't insisting that your view of things was the only one to be discussed.

we get it, it would be expensive and will probably never exist. Get over it. We can still discuss it. If you don't like it, stop commenting.

'Discussion' is where people say different things. What you seem to want is one where you say 'this would be a jolly good idea' then everyone else says 'yes, that would be a jolly good idea, aren't you clever for thinking that a digital F2 would be a jolly good idea'. It isn't like that, in a discussion, people say what they think, not what you want them to say.

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