sold my ff gear..what next ?

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FujLiver wrote:

Tommot1965 wrote:

well I did it..Ive sold off all my ff gear..all my F2.8 glass and flashes.

Im now camera vacant..ive not as much time to do "photography" as I once did..i've house renos and a new one to build on a vacant block next I also bought a bowrider to have some summer fun in.

I would still like a good camera...but must be light and easy to walk about with but also have good image quality ..I've looked at the EM1 and XT1

if you were in my position..what camera would you buy..out of the many out there...not just the EM1 or Xt1

Once FF, always FF
Play around with an X-E1, cheap and Same IQ as T1.
Then realise you want to come back
Buy a Df, 35mm f1.8G, 50mmf1.8G, 28mm f1.8G and 85mm f1.8g. Only take one lens with you when you go out.
Super light
Super quality
Good value

That is a fair suggestion, albeit expensive. But considering that the Leica 35mm rangefinder seems to have been a favorite of the older famed photographers, the Df and a 35mm lens could prove enjoyable. (I am one of those who prefers the 35mm to 42mm focal length for FF *normal* perspective).

Could start with just the one 35mm lens and IF any more needed later on, buy then.

But, it is more expensive then say the Pentax K-3 or Panasonic or Olympus OM-D options.

Also, if it going to be knocked around a bit, a K-3 and a similar FL prime or Pana G series or Oly OM-D might be less of a loss if it gets harmed on the job.. easier to replace $$$ wise.

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Wishing You Good Light.

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