D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: D9300 - For real or just another tease?

No doubt, I'd love to see half of those specs in the new camera, let alone all of them, but we are talking about Nikon here.  If this new camera had those specs, it would be thousands of dollars.  I just haven't seen Nikon release a product with this number of improvements in recent history.  Everything just seems to be rather modest incremental upgrades, especially in the DX line.  I at least hope you are right in that there are some things in this model that really make us take notice, but I'm just expecting a bit of what what everyone has asked for in a D300 upgrade, and maybe some things from the lower-end but newer models.

I'd say required improvements over D7100 would be.

Better body - whether that's bigger, better weather sealing, stronger (not plastic), is open to debate, but something that is an improvement over the D7100 and closer to the D300.

More Megapixels - again, debatable but I don't think people care all that much.  If upgrading from a D300, anything from 16MP would 36MP would be fine, each has it's merits.  I'd rather have fewer MP and less noise.

Faster frame rate - significantly better than D7100 in 14 bit raw, but again anything is going to be a huge upgrade from the D300.

Less noise - It will obviously have less noise than the D300, and hopefully there's some improvement over the D7100.

None of those would be considered even remotely ground-breaking, but in my opinion, if the camera did nothing but offer those improvements, it would probably be well received.  Throw in an option or two that we already see in the lower or higher end models and people will go nuts.  Hopefully there's more to this new model, but my expectations are low (and yet I'll still buy it to replace my D300 just for the reasons above).

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