My dream full-frame camera.

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DZeros costs nearly as much as D610s to build

You and your friend might buy one. That wouldn't cover the cost to tell the world Nikon had made it. never mind the R&D costs and the costs of tooling a plant and developing firmware and the costs of testing.

a D610 with no LCD or auto features shouldn't cost nearly as much to it should put it into the cost range of a D7100 with the IQ of a D610

That's not true.

The costs to design and build a "DZero" are actually going to be barely distinguishable from those to build a D610. The "auto features" and the LCD just don;t add the kind of costs you guys like to believe.

But there is a simple way to prove me wrong. All you guys have to do is get yourselves a real design, a real financial plan and investors who believe as you do. Surely there must be engineers and accountants and managers and sales people in the leagues of people you think will rush to this retro DZero.

Forgive me if I don't hold my breath waiting for the DZero to appear.

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