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I've seen the Sigma 60mm for a fraction of the price, but it doesn't seem to give a whole lot more reach than my 45mm, doesn't have the fast aperture, and optically I've heard it can't really touch the 75mm.

Where did you hear that? nstead of hearing thing I suggest to chek few tests and see the pictures.

Well, I meant "hearing" as in "reading" those tests. I've seen a few comparisons and it seems the general consensus is the Olympus is quite a bit better than the Sigma, but I don't know if its $600-ish better. Unfortunately, I don't really have any way to test either of these, so I can really only believe what I read, and then make a decision off that.

Have you used either/both? If so, which do you prefer?

I haven't. I omnly read test and seen pictures. I was not really interested in fixed lenght eq of 150mm (which for me would be very limiting) but wanted to understand what teh hype is about. One of the tests:



I've seen also various samples to check the bokeh. For me Olympus 75mm is not worth the price (is very expensive and is only f1.8 while rather big) but then I have not much use from fixed 75mm lens. Sigma is a good choice to see if you like fixed lenght tele. If I had the monay to spare for 75mm I would buy panasonic 35-100mm for it's quality and versality. But again, it's just me.

You never used the lens and never tried to get use of this focal length.

Your opinion surely is great help for the OP ...

(And saying the lens is to big for "only being f1.8" is funny. Do you realize, that 75mm/1.8 has to be quite big? Did you ever get your hands on this lens? You would have seen that it is 90% heavy glass with some metal around it. Can't imagine what Olympus could throw away to make it lighter, maybe some cheap plastics to save 20gr weight ...)

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