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Re: Oly 75mm or... TRY IT!

I know your situation ...

I had read alot and then tried the lens at my local shop. At this time I did not know what to make of it. Was not overly impressed there.

Buuuut: What helped me was one trick: I fixed my zoom lens to 75mm for a weekend and walked around to see if I find anything interesting with this focal length. And I was really surprised: I liked 75mm much more than expected. It is a very nice focal length because it covers exactly the field of view when I look at something interesting. Like some flowers. Or a face. Or, or or ...

When I finally bought the lens, I was impressed a second time:
not only does the FOV fit to me, the sharpness and the bokeh are really unique in mFT world. I sold my 45mm because the 75mm had 100% replaced it.

But you have to find your own opinion. Be warned, I love tele lenses but not everyone does. At least for me it is THE lens. While I do about 10% of my shots with it, at the end it is the lens for 30% of my keepers. And the lens for 50% of my very best shots. It is really hard to make a bad shot with it ...

How can you make your decision?

What about setting your 12-50 to 37mm and enabling the 2x tele converter???

Try what you can do with this FOV and then imagine how the pictures would look like if they would have been done with a nearly perfect lens ...

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