My dream full-frame camera.

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That's my biggest reasoning...those are useless features that add to cost and battery lose. If I could get a camera that had no extras with the IQ of the D600 for the price of the D7100 (or even D5200) that would be awesome!

For about $100 you can buy a P&S with the usual exposure modes, autofocus (although not phase detect), video, 3 inch LCD, WiFi, etc. So the total cost of all those items has to be less than $100. They add little to the cost of a FF camera and make it appeal to a much larger market. Deleting them would be like asking the maker of a $35,000 car to make you a model without cruise control and power windows and only charge you $25,000.

If you turn the LCD off it consumes no power. Even if it did the battery on most SLRs lasts for close to 1000 shots and you can always carry a spare battery. They take up a lot less room than 30 rolls of film would have.

It makes a lot more sense for camera manufacturers to make a model with all the features and let those of you that do not need them ignore them. I personally have no use for video but having it in all my cameras does not hurt anything. I just disable or reprogram the record button so I do not accidentally press it and ignore everything video related.

And yet, what is wanted is a FF camera with the form factor of an old DSLR...the ability, obviously, to use good lenses, dials for easy/fast control....a point and shoot will not do any of those things..will it. Personally, what I want already exists in a Leica M9....but at $7000 and $1000 for the cheapest aint happening anytime soon.

That's the point - making low volume costs a lot - Leica isn't ripping you off, that's what it costs. Where they are fooling you is making you think that an M9 has the form factor of a pre-digital M - it doesn't, it's a lot thicker.

I'm well aware that it's thicker. BUT, it has the features that are desired. Since nothing that is being described's the closest there is.

And it costs what it costs to make a camera like that.

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