A6000 or X-T1?

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Re: A6000 or X-T1?

The A6000 hasn't shipped yet, so meaningful comparisons are difficult, and I'm not sure you can talk about the "popularity" of a camera that can't be bought yet. At least in my market.

The Sony/Fuji interface differences are significant enough that you'll want to try both. If you really do prefer manual controls, Fuji is a solid win.

If compact, portable, IQ and manual controls are important, as you've written, why not look at the XE1 (US$800 w/18-55) or XE2 (US$1,400 w/18-55)? The price gap you're talking about is partially because you're comparing Fuji's highest-end body with a Sony mid-/upper-end body. The A6000 is priced between the NEX6 & NEX7, it's not an NEX8. You can get essentially the same XT1 IQ and same manual controls on lower-priced Fuji bodies.

Jkim7 wrote:

...Two new cameras, both similar in concept, sensor size, dimensions and popularity. Yet X-T1 with kit lens is double the price of A6000 with it's kit lens. Can it be twice as good?...I want something compact and portable (so no FF or DSLR). IQ is important...Fast AF is nice, but not critical. I do tend to like manual controls...Fuji's dials look attractive, although I didn't have a chance to actually try to use one

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