Kelby has gone too far now - Launches Canon In Action Tour.

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Re: Used to be ken Rockwell now it is Scott Kelby.

You  nailed that one. While I'm not a Scott Kelby fan - never really liked his books 10+ years ago when I was learning photoshop (back then there were far better) - but his group does include some people whom I do respect quite a bit (like Joe McNally), but it really doesn't, nor shouldn't, matter what he shoots brand wise. Who cares. I've met some serious (and even semi-famous) shooters in real life and when we talk, it's never about brand names but always about light, location, subject matter or matters creative. My opinion of Kelby or McNally wouldn't change if both decided to change to Pentax, for example, this afternoon. I judge then by their writing and work irregardless of their brand choice.


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