Would you be okay with this lighting?

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Re: Would you be okay with this lighting?

Well, it's unscientific from the standpoint that the test was not done on a tripod with the same intensity of light from the exact same position and all that. It was not possible for me to be that accurate. Therefore, there are other variables than just the light source but I can't control the lumen output of the sun through my window, and I can't control the lumen output of the light fixture, and I can't control the position of the sun, and I can't control the softness/reflection of the suns rays scattering through the room...

The test was meant to be "Can I accurately post produce a photo taken under this artificial light to appear as though it was taken under natural light (IE, is the spectrum of the source such that all colors are present and able to be adjusted to appear natural). As some people have said with RGB LED sources, it is difficult to pull out mixed tones because of the spiky nature of the spectrum. This LED source produces "white" light in a different fashion which should produce a more even spectrum.

So after adjusting for exposure and WB...if the colors in the image look fairly close, then my goal is met. Theoretically, if the source wasn't good enough...some colors would appear fine and others wouldn't be very good.

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